In 1994 Moriah Mountain Publishing took over publication of the then Oregon Bed and Breakfast Directory, a small printed guidebook of 221 Oregon Bed and Breakfast Inns. Over the next year the directory became the third online bed and breakfast directory and Moriah was renamed Moriah Mountain Internet Marketing when we opened the very first internet marketing company especially for bed and breakfast inns. Some of our older pages can be found here.

After numerous requests from the bed and breakfast inns of our neighboring states California, Washington and Idaho, we renamed the directory the Border to Border Bed and Breakfast Directory and expanded to cover these nearby states. Another year later the requests began to come in from the bed and breakfast innkeepers of Hawaii and Alaska so we once again expanded the directory to cover these additional states. Alas, due to an inability to find a suitable domain which matched the name of the directory, we once more (and for the last time) changed the name of the directory to The Bed and Breakfast Explorer which is the current name.

In the year 2000 we began receiving yet more requests from bed and breakfast innkeepers of other states. Realizing the impracticality of turning the guidebook into a printed guidebook covering all 50 states, we dropped the print edition and became an internet only national online bed and breakfast directory. As a bonus, we added the bed and breakfast inns of Canada to the mix. We're sure you'll find an inn that meets your expectations at the Bed and Breakfast Explorer

In 2002, after many years of growth as a bed and breakfast internet marketing company, we began to realize that growth is not always a good thing -- especially for customer service. We set out to test whether we could create a small internet marketing company for bed and breakfast inns and the boutique lodging market (vacation rentals, boutique hotels, lodges, etc.). White Stone Marketing was our new test of whether an intimate marketing firm could provide exceptional customer service and incredible results to a handful of clients. It took a year to refine the process but now after many years I can happily report our immense success.

At White Stone Marketing we choose to accept roughly one new web design client each month in order to maintain exceptionably high customer service levels. We also provide ongoing internet marketing service to 50 high-end boutique hotels and bed and breakfast inns and only take on one client per area for exclusive representation.

In 1994 we took over a small printed bed and breakfast publication covering the bed and breakfast inns of Oregon only. Today The Bed and Breakfast Explorer covers two countries and is in the top three of all online bed and breakfast directories. In 1994 we became the very first internet marketing company for bed and breakfast inns. From 1994-2004 we designed web sites for and marketed thousands of bed and breakfast inns from all over the United States. In late 2004 we partnered with to take over our hundreds of bed and breakfast hosting clients and the transition was a huge success. This allowed us step back from Moriah Mountain Internet Marketing and to focus on providing excellent customer service to our White Stone Marketing clients and to further improve The Bed and Breakfast Explorer.

In 2004 we closed our Moriah division located in Grants Pass, Oregon and moved our San Luis Obispo, California branch to Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. In over a decade of marketing bed and breakfast inns and small boutique hotels we've learned a lot. Most importantly though is that exceptional customer service is invaluable. If you're looking for that kind of relationship from your internet marketing company, drop on over to White Stone Marketing and let's discuss whether our company is a good match for yours.

Best of luck to you all,

Scott Crumpton, CEO
White Stone Marketing
The Bed and Breakfast Explorer


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